The 9 Best Piano Lessons

Trying your hand at piano and wish to learn from some amazing sources? Well, in this article, we have got you covered with the 9 best piano lessons for learning the instrument
The 9 Best Piano Lessons

Best Overall – Playground Sessions

Besides providing a linear learning process that guides you effortlessly through the music curriculum, Playground Sessions offers numerous additional benefits. Quincy Jones, a Grammy-winning musician, collaborated on the platform’s creation. Apart from him, you’ll receive instruction from jazz musician and actor Harry Connick, as well as pianist David Sides. Along with teaching you how to play specific songs, these accomplished and talented pianists will impart their knowledge of music theory, notation, and ear training.

Runners-Up – Flowkey

The video lessons are easily understood and comprehensive, covering various topics related to both the practical and theoretical aspects. The content is excellent for beginners because it simply teaches songs. Meanwhile, you’ll develop your note-taking and sight-reading abilities, which is unquestionably beneficial. Additionally, the app will offer additional music theory courses, so the depth you wish to study music theory is entirely up to you. Additionally, Flowkey is customizable and you can change the song’s speed you’re learning, pause it, go back, play loops, and practice with different hands.

Ideal For Composing and Improvising – Pianoforall

The course moves along quickly, which is excellent because it means you’ll soon gain more knowledge and be able to play your favorite songs. The first eBook will familiarize you with the rhythm piano and the fundamental chords. By beginning in this manner, you will quickly play simple melodies. Additionally, you will learn to read sheet music and play by ear. It is, according to Hall, the quickest method of learning to play the piano. As you develop, you’ll gain knowledge of technique, improvisation, and memory techniques through exposure to various musical styles.

Pop Music’s Finest – Skoove

While Skoove is comparable to Flowkey and Playground Sessions, it teaches you songs in the first few classes. Simultaneously, you’ll be acquiring a working knowledge of notes. Reading sheet music is critical if you want to be a proficient pianist or easily pick up new tunes. Additionally, the app emphasizes essential aspects frequently overlooked in virtual piano lectures. You’ll practice playing by ear and gain experience with improvisation. Although the curriculum covers a lot of ground, it does not delve deeply into specific topics.

Other Online Piano Lesson Providers

Wonderful Piano

Three modes of instruction will be used: Prepare, Assess, and Practice. You’ll go over the notes, chords, rhythms, and finger placements while keeping an eye out for potential errors. Naturally, you’ll also pick up a few songs. The song library is enormous, and it is constantly being updated. While it encompasses a variety of genres, it also has numerous classical works (and holiday music).


Pianote’s curriculum is pretty straightforward – you’ll learn popular songs while acquiring valuable music theory knowledge. The platform’s content covers a broad range of musical concepts, and you can delve deeper into specific topics via the platform’s Packs, Bootcamps, and Quick tips. Pianote’s community is another reason you’ll feel like you’re in a piano school. You can communicate with other students through the Pianote Forum or the group’s social media pages. Additionally, during Pianote’s life lessons, you will be able to ask questions. These lectures are an excellent way to foster community and engagement among students.

The 21-Day Piano

Chords and improvisation are the primary focus of video lessons. By mastering chord patterns, you’ll gain the ability to play a wide variety of other popular songs. The course, however, appears to live up to its promises. After 21 days of adhering to the schedule and completing one brief lesson daily, you should have some melodies stored in your muscle memory. While you won’t receive immediate feedback, you can request it by sending a message. One of the program’s advantages is the option for personalized assistance.

Hoffman High School

Hoffman Academy’s instructional philosophy is holistic. The method’s fundamental premise is to teach students to play the piano both visually and acoustically. This course will equip each student with high-quality musical knowledge and essential tips (such as proper body posture) that are often lacking in online piano programs by emphasizing both theory and performance. The course is divided into units that each contain approximately twenty lessons. It gradually introduces more advanced techniques while teaching a variety of kid-friendly songs. Classes cover the fundamentals of music, including notes, chords, scales, arpeggios, improvisation, and dictation. Essentially, it contains everything necessary for the development of fundamental piano skills.

The Ultimate Multi-Toolkit Instrumentalists – Yousician

If you complete all of the learning paths, you’ll develop fundamental piano skills and a solid understanding of various songs. The app’s song library is quite extensive in songs and genres, so you’re sure to enjoy browsing through it.

Unlike some other apps, Yousician will coach you in sight-reading so that you can eventually read sheet music and learn any song. On the other hand, if you want to delve deeper into music theory and piano technique, you should consider combining Yousician with additional learning resources.

So, these were some amazing piano lessons that can help you improve your skills and be a great pianist. Meanwhile, Do you thing you can learn piano with owning one? Yes, you can take piano lessons without an actual piano! Yes, you can take piano lessons without having an actual piano! Click to find out how.


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