Top 10 Tips to Learn Hindustani Vocal Music

Hindustani vocal is a favorite style of music among a lot of artists in India because it is unique and soothing. The origins of this type of music belong to the Indian subcontinent. It includes various ragas, and melodic scales, and has a deep impact on people. The Hindustani vocal music is soulful so people are keen to learn it. Practicing this type of music is tricky in the beginning because there are a lot of points that a learner has to remember. However, with a help of a tutor, anybody can master this vocal music as they teach the tough points easily.

Here are a few tips that can help you to learn Hindustani vocal music like a professional from the beginning:

Start With Bhajans

Bhajans help to prepare our voices and create the foundation for learning Hindustani vocal music. It is based on easy melodies so one can pick them up easily even if they are a beginner. You can practice your vocal skills by singing bhajans and then proceed to learn the different ragas that are included in Hindustani music.

Practice Consistently

You must practice the ragas regularly. The more you practice, the better it helps in learning and also strengthens your voice. Whatever ragas, ghazal, or bhajan you learn in your music classes, you should practice regularly. This will help you to master the music better.

Watch Performances

You can watch the recorded videos of professional Hindustani music singers or attend their live performances. This will help you to understand and connect with Hindustani vocal music better. Watching the performance of skilled professionals will motivate you to learn music better.

Choose a Professional Online Tutor

An online Hindustani vocal music tutor will help you practice the difficult styles of music better. They are experienced in this field so they can guide you. Online classes are time-saving so it is the best option to learn this music.

Know The History

Read more! You must know the history of Hindustani vocal music. Knowing the history helps to create an interest in learning the music style. You can read more books that speak about its origin or how it became popular over time.

Go to Music Festivals

You get to hear different types of music at music festivals. The Hindustani music festival is extremely popular in our country and it will help you know more about the songs. It helps to know about the best talents in this genre which can inspire you to find a favorite Hindustani music vocalist.

Opt for an Online Group

You can look for Hindustani vocal music communities that have all like-minded people. The stories of these people and what they like about Hindustani music will inspire you to know more about this type of music. You can also learn the tips and tricks to singing Hindustani classical songs from them.

Never Strain Your Voice

Straining your voice unnecessarily or trying to copy a professional singer at the beginning will break your voice. This will not help you to learn the music genre effectively. You should understand your capacity and take baby steps in the beginning.

Start with Simple Notes

If you are a beginner, you should focus on learning the easy notes first. You cannot expect to grasp the difficult notes right at the beginning because your voice is not prepared for Hindustani vocal music. The simple notes prepare your voice to catch the heavy notes later on.

Explore Alone

The more you explore the music genre on your own, the better it is. You should experiment with it in your free time to understand which part is difficult for you to learn. Then you can talk to your tutor and understand how to learn the difficult notes.

You can follow these tips if you want to learn Hindustani vocal music and become good at it. Take small steps so that you do not lose interest in learning. You can reach out to the Music Pandit team for any queries or if you want to learn more about our online classes and courses.


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