Top 5 Funniest Easy Guitar Songs You Need to Know

Whether you’re an experienced guitarist or just beginning to start playing, learning some funny and easy guitar songs is a good and motivating experience. By learning to play, your love for music will continue to grow steadily. And whenever there is a party or function, you can readily impress your family and close friends with these captivating pieces.

Before playing any guitar song, be sure that you are holding your instrument correctly along with the right posture, or else you may find it difficult to cope up. Once you begin working on this, you will find it interesting to play any song without hassle.

This list of 5 guitar songs is written, primarily with the aim of helping the avid guitarist. You will probably recognize some of them and wonder how they are funny!

Three Little Birds, by Bob Marley

A gifted songwriter, Bob Marley was inspired to write “Three Little Birds” by the fluttering of birds by the window at his house in the 1970s. Marley loved nature very much and this joyful song is an amazing collection of his words that he put together. In fact, Tony Gilbert, a close friend of Marley said, “Bob got inspired by a lot of things around him, he observed life. I remember the three little birds.” This song is a really easy to play on the guitar and uses only 3 chords: A, D and E. This lesson is easier for beginners and should not be missed.

Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton

In the year 1976, while waiting for his girlfriend Pattie Boyd to get ready for a night function, Eric Clapton wrote this beautiful song. It was first released by him the following year in 1977. Wonderful Tonight is the perfect song for beginners who are starting out solo. For this song, beginners can have a feel of string bending, where the pitch can be changed by bending the strings of the Guitar. This piece uses just 4 chords: G, D, C, and D.

Wildest Dreams, Taylor Swift

This iconic song was first played by Famous singer Taylor Swift in the year 2015. The song is basically about Taylor’s plea for her lover to get close to her and remember her, despite their sour relationship. This song is simple and ideal for beginners. For this song, it is important that you remember the order of all the chords. The tune of the song is super easy.

Love Me Do; The Beatles

When Paul McCartney and John Lennon were in their youth, both skipped school and wrote “Love Me Do” in the year 1958. You may have most probably heard of this song in your childhood. That’s why this song is a perfect one for beginners. It’s a monumental and brilliant song. The rhythm and tempo of this song is steady and will help you to rock. This song is in G Major and has two chords: G and C Major. This song is truly a classic! There’s nothing more truly exciting than this song.

Achy Breaky Heart, Don Von Tress

Originally written by Don Von Tress in the year 1990, Achy Breaky Heart is one of the biggest country hits recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus. For this song, you only require 2 chords: A and E. You have to begin with three bars of A, followed by four bars of E and then finally one last bar of A.

That’s it! You’re ready to rock. As far as strumming the guitar is concerned, just keep it as simple as possible. Keep it one strum per bar. Once you’re more experienced, increase it with two strums a bar. Remember; just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

It is very important for guitar players to learn the basic chords and patterns of strumming, in order to become good guitarists. For this, you will need to learn and play as many pieces as possible. Playing the songs on this list will make you comfortable.

Don’t stop playing the guitar once you’ve mastered these 5 easy songs. Additionally, if you need any help, make sure to check out online guitar classes.


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