Top 7 Pop Songs for Piano Students

Willing to learn and play our favourite songs on piano is something that most of us desire, however, we often drop the idea thinking it won’t be easy to play those songs on the piano or we probably won’t be able to find a good tutor to monitor our performance.

What if we would say that you can easily play those favourite pop songs on the piano? Yes! You can. All you need to do is to follow the fine steps and procedures and you are all done. Ready to play and find soothing songs of your favourite songs on the piano.

Learn to Play These Top 7 Pop Songs on the Piano

Here in this list, we have mentioned some of the easy pop songs to follow if you are a beginner and willing to learn the pop song on the piano.

1. Let It Be

Let it be by the Beatles has been considered as one of the best and great pop tunes to practice on the piano. On the other hand, this classic song has been rated as the eighth-best song by Rolling Stone Magazine. On the right hand, here a performer just needs to repeat, chords C-G-Am-F, then C-G-F-C.

2. Yesterday

Another Beatles classic yesterday is also one of the best pop songs to choose from while learning to play pop songs on the piano. This amazing song was written by Paul McCartney in the year 1965. Having said that McCartney once heard this song, yesterday in his dreams and immediately decided to play it on the piano.

Unlike other tough songs carrying the repeating chords, here the user will be mostly playing easy and flexible arpeggios.

3. Lean on Me

The next name in the list comes as Lean on Me, by Bill Whithers. This classic song is also one of all these easy pop songs to play on the piano, especially if you have just started the music learning journey.

The chord progressions here in this song goes like, C-C-Dm-Em-F, F-Em-Dm-C, C-Dm-Em-Em-Dm. after that the chords turn when slightly to C-C-Dm-Em-F, F-Em-Dm-C, C-Dm-Em-G7-C. On the left hand, here the performer is supposed to play the middle note with the aid of the right hand. The notes go on the sequence, C-D-E-F.

4. Clocks

Chris Martin has been known as one of the great piano pop stars of today. Clocks by Coldplay can be considered as one other name in the list. That riff sounds may look quite difficult to play probably the reason being its fast pace. Thus, if a performer just slows the song down and then try practising, it will be easier and they will just find 3 simple arpeggios.

5. Where the Streets Have No Name by U2

You probably won’t find this in the list of some of the easy pop songs to play on the piano, because this is one of the oldest songs. Where the streets have no name by U2 was released in the 80s and even today it can be considered worthy to play on the piano when it comes to beginner level or when you initiate the journey.

6. All My Life

KC and Jo Jo gave us this melodious pop song, “All My Life”. This is also a song that can be covered in the list of easy pop songs for beginners to play on the piano. All My Life by R&B/pop duo KC and Jo Jo has been recognized as the superlative song to slow down the mood. The smooth arpeggios of this pop song truly sound amazing on the piano. The intro consists of Em, D, C, A, Bm, Em, and G.


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