What’s the Best Way to Learn Guitar Online – An In-Depth Guide

The guitar is one of the most loved musical instruments, which is learnt by millions of people even including the ones who don’t want to build their career in music. More than the music itself, it is a passion for many, a hobby that helps many escape from the tensions of daily life. The students, business professionals, employees, housewives, freelance workers, etc., almost everyone would love to get the chance of learning guitar.

However, the major constraint here is how! With the advent of online education, even learning the skill of playing the guitar is possible. So, if you are someone who constantly asks “can we learn guitar online?” then of course you can.

There are many ways using which you can learn this amazing musical instrument. Count the possible ways here!

How to Learn Guitar Online?

There are different ways in which you can get your certification, start learning a new course or skill and learn instruments such as guitar. Here are some of the possible ways you can consider if you want to learn guitar:

Hire a Private Tutor

Private tuitions came into the picture many decades ago, when the lessons of schools and other institutes were not enough for the students. In a class of many students, it became difficult for a single teacher to pay attention to each one of them, which resulted in a huge gap in the performance of the students. To provide them with a better learning environment, the parents, guardians or the students themselves started taking the help of teachers at home, in the name of tuition.

With the help of several online platforms and through known contacts, students find their private mentor to guide them through each subject. The same applies to learning guitar as well.

Online Learning

The year 2021 has transformed the whole education system, bringing in a new way of learning that is through the online medium. This has introduced a more convenient pattern of learning in peoples’ life and almost everyone is benefitting from it.


With the help of an online learning app, anyone can get the chance to learn how to play the guitar as well. Moreover, there are many apps that are dedicated to the learners of the guitar. You can download the most suitable one from your app store and start learning. Some of them provide the basic lessons for free and charge for advanced lessons while some of them charge nothing at all.

Education Website

The difference between a learning app and an educational website is that the website offers live lessons. So, if your question is – can we learn guitar online?, then yes, you can. The online learning platform offers you the chance of getting admission for becoming a professional in playing the guitar.

Free Platforms

When you decide to learn a skill but without spending any money, nothing will hit your mind faster than YouTube. There are many experts on YouTube who have uploaded a detailed guide to learning the guitar. You can find the beginners, intermediate as well as the lessons of the advanced course there. The best part is these are absolutely free.

Can we Learn Guitar Online with the Help of a Tutor?

Now that you know both the online and the offline modes of learning, there can be yet another way to learn the guitar, that is through an online private tutor. If you know someone who is offering online training, then you can go for it. Just speak with the tutor about the fees, timings, etc. and start learning at the comfort of your home.

Finally, here we have known all the online and offline mediums of learning the guitar. You can go for the most suitable option and turn your dream to learn the instrument into reality. However, make sure above everything, it is you who wants to learn it. Try the lessons only if you are passionate about them.

On the other hand, you should also note some of the important keys to learning:

  • Have patience. It will take time.
  • Be consistent with the lessons.
  • Practice as much as you can. It will only make you better with each passing day.
  • Try to put your own creativity into learning new tunes.
  • Don’t give up easily.

If you want to make it your career, enrol for the professional way of learning the guitar. Check out our music courses and get a certification which will help you progress with your career.


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