Top 5 Easiest Musical Instruments to Play for Beginners

Everyone falls for music and has different ways to live in it. Some like listening to music, some prefer humming to the tunes, and some like playing the instruments. One of the most fulfilling experiences in life might be learning a musical instrument that you actually love. There are several perks to being able to play your desired instrument.

Musical Instruments

A beginner-friendly musical instrument can be difficult to find at first because so many varieties are available. However, if you want to start steadily and work your way up, check out the easiest instruments to play that will embrace you with welcoming hands into the musical world.

Scroll down to check out some of the instruments that you can easily learn and play as a beginner.

5 Beginner-Level Music Instruments


The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to play out there. It is very affordable to purchase and very simple to learn. It is a four-stringed instrument typically played with the fingers in a free-spirited, clear way.

Similar to the guitar in sound but with fewer strings and smaller sizes, this instrument is much simpler to master. The chords are not complicated as the guitar and playing involve simple strumming patterns. One added benefit is that they don’t take up much space as they are incredibly small. Many ukulele skills and approaches are easily convertible to the guitar.

Electrical Keyboard

Keyboards are incredibly flexible and require minimal maintenance. A learner practicing the piano will learn how to read music sheets, convert notes into chords, understand harmonies, and play something by ear.

Typically, electronic keyboards are made for beginners, general, and non-professional users. With an electronic keyboard, you can quickly create your songs, modify the volume, add unique sound effects, and more.

The primary distinction between a keyboard and a piano is the sound’s electronic production. A keyboard also produces sound electronically and is, of course, portable, and takes up less space.

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Classical Guitar

Here’s another one of the easiest instruments to play: the classical guitar. Learning basic guitar chords is easy, and while it does call for finger skills, it’s not very difficult. The basics of chords and strumming are rather simple to learn, and after you master a few, you can play a song fairly fast.

Nylon strings are an excellent starting point if you want to learn how to play the guitar. These are gentler on small fingers. However, it does require persistence and regularity to learn how to play the guitar.

It’s one of the most well-known instruments in the world, so many resources are available to help you get started.

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It is a flexible instrument that is used in a variety of musical styles. These are simple to understand since the fundamental concepts behind their work may be grasped in a few hours. After that, practice is everything.

Playing this instrument is mostly accomplished by breathing in and out to produce various sounds. The location of the harmonica in your mouth and the placement of your hands will affect the notes you play.

Harmonicas are also quite portable; you can take them wherever and practice whenever.


Being the last on our list, the recorder is one of the easiest instruments to play. Recorders are considered cheap and can be made of plastic or wood. These instruments are extremely small, which makes them perfect for hands with small, nimble fingers. The recorder is a simple musical instrument to learn because it doesn’t require a lot of breath to generate a sound, which is excellent for older beginners.


Most people consider learning an instrument at some point in their lives. However, looking at simple instruments to play is an essential part of following it through. The list mentioned above is curated with the help of musical professionals who have dedicated their lives to music. Having their experience as your learning path can be no less than a blessing. With the list, you can easily figure out the easiest instrument to play. Kickstart your journey as a musician today!


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