Why Does One Have to Be a Musician Today?

For a majority of common people today, being a musician is a good idea. They think of flashing lights, extravagant lifestyles, lavish dinners and millions of followers and fans who are screaming at the top of their voices. Yet, it takes a highly committed, dedicated and passionate musician to successfully carve a path in this competitive field. There are a lot of challenges and hurdles that come with being a musician.

However, there is a lot more to being a musician than what meets the eye, which we will reflect upon.

Follow One’s Passion

One of the primary benefits of being a musician is that it allows one to enjoy his/ her passion, while also providing happiness to other people within the society. For occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and parties, people turn to joyful music and it spreads the feeling of happiness.

Being a musician helps one to collaborate with other like- minded musicians and also travel and have a different kind of experience, while having a huge fan base of admirers. Besides, being a musician helps you to make several new friends who can turn out to be handy, in case of any emergency.

Music is Fun

Just like other forms of art, music too unites persons from different walks of life. Playing music is fun. It can help you by spreading immense joy. Creating music is also exciting for the musician, because the musician is loyal towards the field and works with honesty and dedication to provide good music for people to enjoy.

Career Opportunities

Being a musician is a good career opportunity for today’s youth. Many avenues in the field of music have opened up in the past few years. Besides, having an educational background is a good plus point as a musician. Many musicians have a side profession that they can fall back on, in case of any emergency. Side professions may include being a band master or music tutor to children and beginners.

Present day youths have to be made aware of these career opportunities in the field of music. From band teachers to composers, and from vocalists to music director, the options are endless for a person who wants to build a career in the field of music.

Stress Buster

One cannot deny the power of music. Music is a great stress- buster. Being a musician helps one to relieve stress effectively, while listening and playing one’s favourite songs. Music helps the mind and the body to work together. Music helps one to express one’s inner feelings.

Musicians, composers and vocalists often express their personal emotions in their music and this is very essential. In fact, many studies that have been conducted across the world have shown that playing music helps to reduce pain and anxiety.

Sense of Achievement and Satisfaction

Another important advantage of being a musician is that it helps to give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Many of the famous musicians of today were nothing and nobody recognized them.

However, it is after they started their music career and worked very hard with dedication that they became popular. They persevered day and night by practicing their pieces, in spite of other commitments.

Today, they are a league of their own and satisfied with whatever they have achieved. Therefore, being a musician helps you to achieve the best in life and make your dreams come true, so to say.

Lastly, being a musician helps one to chart one’s own path. You can chase your own destiny and vision. There is no schedule or time- table that is thrust upon you. You have the flexibility of doing whatever you want at your own pace. Being a musician also helps in creating and coming up with new ideas for performances.

Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology, it is also easier to make a living as a musician. Using social media sites, musicians can directly interact with fans without any obstacles or barriers. You can focus on music, while your fans serve as a source of support. The benefit of all this for a musician is the freedom you obtain to chart your own career path.

Music helps society by spreading goodwill and peace. Being a musician is the best option one can think of.


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