Why You Should Learn Classical Music

It is said that the best musicians are lifelong learners. While most people are aware that they must build the foundations of their musical journey on classical music, it is scary for some to do so. Many find classical music complicated, overwhelming, difficult and even old fashioned.

However, it is necessary to overcome these fears, say classical music experts. It is definitely worth the effort, time and discipline required to learn classical music, they state. Here’s why:

It Provides You With the Basic Building Blocks for All Genres of Music

Look at classical music like you would at a Lego brick, say the experts. Just like when you put different Legos together you can make the most imaginative and magical creations, it is the same with classical music. In the case of Lego, you need to know how to put the bricks together and in the case of classical music, it is the same.

Only then can your building abilities in music grow. The musical understanding and technique you acquire through learning classical music help you perform other genres and styles of music as well.

It Acts as the Ultimate Brain Gym For You

Masterpieces in the classical music genre are usually rather deep, complex and intellectually demanding even though they may seem relatively simple at first. Such pieces of classical music challenge your entire body, mind, feelings and spirit. Some have described music to be akin to art, physics, literature, Maths and yoga and state that it teaches you more about yourself than any other activity.

Just working on Etude by Chopin or Sonata by Beethoven according to experts should improve your alertness, hearing, imaginative abilities, memory, physical and mental coordination, creativity, attention to detail, motor skills, patience, emotional intelligence and discipline. This is also the reason contributing to the long and healthy lives of many musicians.

Practicing it Improves Your Musical Chops

Once you have improved your techniques and physical abilities you can fulfil an entire gamut of musical dreams you cherish. Classical music helps you learn to use your hands the correct way and develops some fine motor skills. In fact, you can give the performance of a lifetime once you have a proper understanding of how things should be done.

It Has Health Benefits

Research has already proved that just listening to classical music helps you sleep better, relax more and increases your happiness quotient. You can well imagine how much more beneficial it will be when you transfer yourself from being just a passive listener to becoming an active learner. In this respect, science has noted improvements in hand-eye coordination, memory and reading and comprehension skills.

It Helps Your Repertoire to Grow

If you play well and you know a lot more songs, you can perform for more shows. So, if you like to play new and traditional songs, classical music will train you in not only learning a greater number of tunes and specific techniques but also in reading music better.

It Helps You in Goal Setting

Learning to play classical music well is a challenge in itself. It doesn’t come easy but in the end, it is worthwhile. So when you set out to learn classical music you are setting a goal and then you go ahead and make the dive. Eventually, you learn from making mistakes and conquering your fears of failure.

It Helps You to Express Yourself Better

Without training in classical music just one in a million person gets the ability to express themselves naturally through music using their God-gifted talent. And yet experts say that it doesn’t have to be this way. Expressive playing is a science that can very much be learnt.

It Gives You a Thorough Foundation in Music Theory

Melody, harmony, scales, rhythm and chords and the way they work together are components of music theory. You can learn music theory using the textbook or using the applied fashion. The latter would mean learning music theory and ideas as you go through a piece of music practically.

Classical music is the best place to learn the elements and rules of music. Especially if you dream of writing your own music someday, learning classical music puts you in an advantageous position.


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