4 Reasons to Have a Piano in Your Home

Having a piano in your home offers multiple benefits! Listed below are the four main advantages of having a  piano in your house.

The Piano Sounds Great and Provides a Fun Element in the Home

It is a true joy to learn and play the piano. If you place a child in front of the piano keys, he or she will have a great time playing on it and most probably will also be keen to formally learn to play it. While many amongst us might enjoy sound more, not all of us do so.

However, almost all of us universally love music. If anyone at home whether it be a grown-up or a child invests time in playing the piano the happiness derived from creating and producing lovely harmonies and beautiful melodies is very precious. A linked reason to have the piano in your home is that it sounds really good and is incomparable to any other musical instrument.

The piano can sound effervescent and fleeting in one moment and powerful and gritty in the next. Very few other instruments even come close to having the range of the piano in tonal and dynamic terms. In fact among all other instruments, it is the piano that experts say comes closest to the human voice.

Having a Piano Elevates the Way Your Home Looks

Pianos not only provide soulful music inside the home or building but at the same time considerably improve the appearance of a home. They add a majestic look to your interiors and add an old-world charm to your building. They not just serve as an educational instrument for grown-ups and children but also become a means of entertainment for the entire family. Music creates more positive and cheerful environments at home and has even been found to bring people closer.

A piano looks very elegant, classy and increases the status of just about any room it is placed in. The silhouette of a grand concrete piano is shiny and black and is as iconic as one can get. And while, some piano cases are ornamentally designed, in all cases the pianos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

A Piano Enhances the Health and Positivity in Your Home

It has been scientifically proved that playing the piano is excellent for a person’s brain functioning and that of his or her body as well. Researchers have through varied studies proved that music stimulates more of a human being’s brain than any other activity. Therefore playing an instrument improves concentration, memory, cognitive skills and even assists in regulating a person’s organs and bodily functions as well.

What’s more, it has also been found that playing the piano improves a person’s mood and mental health. The whole series of actions that result in the piano player sitting and playing at the piano releases a greater amount of serotonin in them than in those who just listen to music. While the piano is a difficult instrument to master usually most beginners start getting the hang of the instrument quite quickly.

With regular practise the player gets better at it. Use piano playing as an efficient way to regulate your moods and promote good mental health rather than turning to prescription drugs and getting dependent on them.

A Piano at Home Provides Educational Benefits

Having a piano at home motivates those around to learn how to play it. For this, they need to study music theory and music. Most of them choose to do so from a professional music tutor who either comes home or teaches at his or her music school. Today, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many are also choosing to learn to play the piano online.

Unlike other musical instruments with the exception of the marimba and vibraphone, only when playing the piano does the player look directly at the notes he or she is playing. This is not the case even with the guitar.

In the case of the piano, there exists only one key for every pitch and they are all laid out in an extremely logical fashion. Once a person learns to play the piano, it becomes much easier for him or her to learn other musical instruments as well.


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