Online Piano Learning: Pros and Cons

The piano is an instrument that is almost every singer’s favourite. There are many parents who want their children to learn to play the piano at a younger age so that they can become experienced professionals with time. Learning the instrument can be a little tricky in the beginning as there are a lot of points that one needs to keep in mind while learning. However, with the help of a guide, everybody can master the instrument without facing many difficulties. Beginners need an experienced piano tutor as they can instruct better and provide the right information while learning the instrument.

The first basic decision that one needs to take before learning the instrument, is to choose whether they want piano classes online or offline. We all know that online classes are as beneficial as offline classes, however, it depends on the beginner to choose which mode is more comfortable and effective for them.

Both, piano classes online and offline have their own pros and cons. While some students prefer the traditional online mode of learning and find it better, there are many who want to choose the online mode. People who are working and have very restricted time to follow their passion often find piano classes online as more beneficial. This allows them to carry on with their daily routine and also learn their favourite instrument at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Online Piano Learning

Before choosing online piano learning, one has to weigh the pros and cons. Different people have different preferences, so after weighing the pros and cons they can decide which learning is more effective for them. Taking the right decision is important to learn better. If one realized midway through the classes that they are not benefiting then it can be a problem.

So to make this easier for the learners to decide, here are a few pros and cons of piano classes online that you need to consider before joining the classes:

Pros of Online Piano Learning

Saves Time

When one opts for online piano classes, they do not have to waste time travelling. They can choose a teacher who lives far or in some other city. The options are varied as one does not have to calculate the distance and time required for travelling. This is one of the most important benefits as the students can choose the best piano teachers online without worrying about how far they live.

Flexible Classes

Another important benefit of online piano lessons is that they are flexible. Working people who do not get time to attend offline classes or students who are always busy with their studies can also learn piano. They can choose a time as per their convenience and start to learn piano online whenever they want. The learners can also access the pre-recorded online classes at their convenience without disrupting their daily routine. This is not possible in offline classes as they have to attend them at a scheduled time. It is often a problem for most people due to other commitments and they tend to miss the classes.

Everyday Practise

Piano classes online allow a person to practise the instrument regularly. Offline classes are often restricted and can slow the process of learning. In online classes, the learners have access to the lessons all the time so they can practise whenever they like. This helps them to learn piano quickly and better as they can always refer to the learning materials.

Cons of Online Piano Learning

Network Problem

Network issues can be a major problem while learning piano online. It can act as a barrier to learning and cause various problems. People who face tremendous network issues should reconsider the option of learning piano online. They should find a stable network if they want to learn the instrument at peace, without facing any problems.

Less Interaction

The interaction and conversation between the learner and the teacher are often restricted in piano classes online. The teachers can sometimes find it difficult to pay attention to the learner online and the student also cannot talk about their problems. In case they get stuck while learning, the students need to wait for the teacher to come online and explain the problem. This is considered a major con of online piano lessons.

Overall, every mode of learning has its own pros and cons. If one can figure out which model of piano lessons is more compatible, learning can become easy. While piano classes online can be a win for working people, parents should decide which class to choose for their small kids.


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