Benefits of Online Guitar Classes for Your Kid

Many parents have heard about online guitar lessons, yet they’re not convinced that this type of learning is right for their child. They still prefer the traditional way of guitar learning, which is visiting the physical music centres. While this method works, in today’s technologically enhanced learning space, they are missing out on the life-changing advantages of online guitar classes for their kids.


Besides, if you look at the guitar learning scenario, many parents are increasingly taking online guitar lessons for their kids because of the numerous benefits it offers. More significantly, online guitar lessons have broken the geographical gap for guitar lovers in areas that are remote. Your child does not need to go to a physical music school; they can learn online from the safety and comfort of home.

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids  – Common Queries

Before we get into the depth of understanding the benefits of online guitar classes, let’s have a look at the common queries related to online guitar classes.

How are lessons taught? Are they effective?

Today, online learning has become the new norm post-COVID-19 world. It should not come as a surprise that learning the guitar online is also possible. It is the best way to take a lesson, which involves live video sessions, as well as access to pre-recorded materials that students can use in their own time to learn and practice.

These lessons have been thoughtfully created and designed to be easily understandable as well as very interactive so that children can learn effectively at home while having fun.

What is the best age for kids to take guitar lessons online?

The proper age for children to learn guitar is from 8 years onwards. By this age, they are big enough to handle the neck of a guitar and have stronger hands. Apart from age, it is also important for parents to take into consideration their children’s size, physical strength, and finger dexterity.

What type of guitar is best for a child to learn?

Guitars come in different forms – classical, acoustic, and electric. However, it is recommended that children, especially beginners, should learn to play an acoustic guitar. Learners can play them easily and without having to add any additional gear. They can concentrate all their efforts on learning.

What are the different guitar sizes for kids of different ages?

Apart from the brand and the cost, it is crucial to take the weight and height into consideration when buying a guitar for a child.

Children aged between 8 and 14 can use lightweight acoustic guitars which are available in smaller sizes so that they can reach over the body and comfortably navigate the fretboard. For instance, 1/2 and 3/4-sized guitars can be used for children as they’re far easier to play.

Meanwhile, taking online guitar lessons mostly requires a personal guitar, an internet connection, computer system (desktop or laptop). This form of learning makes it great for children with busy parents that would otherwise have to drive them to and from their music classes.

Benefits of Online Guitar Classes for Kids

There are several reasons why online guitar classes for kids are so useful. Much like in-person classes, online lessons are just as efficient at improving your kid’s guitar abilities. There are several benefits to taking lessons online that you and your child won’t find anywhere else. Let’s go through a few of them below.

Children Get Well Accustomed to their Instruments

As classes are held online, children get to own and play their instruments and not the teacher’s instruments, which would be the case in many physical schools. As students own their personal guitars, they can practise daily, learn comfortably, and produce the best results.

No Need to Carry Heavy Instruments to the Class

If you think about it, learning guitar offline can be quite a challenge, especially for young children. Sometimes, they have to carry an instrument that is even bigger than them while going to and from lessons. This is not only inconvenient for both the parents and the children, but it is more of a concerning factor considering children’s physical development. With online guitar lessons, children can quickly grab their guitar and be ready for class without taking much effort.

Easily Find the Right Tutor for Your Child

Online classes are your best choice for finding the right music instructor for your child. In this form of learning, you are not geographically limited and you can find a qualified teacher from any part of the world that best suits your kid’s learning style.

In the case of offline classes, you are mainly restricted to musicians that are offering their services in your local neighbourhood or nearby music schools. This means that you have less choice in finding the right teacher.

Saves your Time and Money

A major benefit of online Guitar classes is the time and money it saves parents. Online lessons mean no more driving your kids to the music centres, driving through the heavy traffic, waiting and driving back home. You don’t have to stress about organising your schedule and juggling many commitments.

Did you know that online learning is much cheaper than traditional learning? This is one of the major reasons that many parents are now opting for this form of learning. In addition to the online lessons fees being less, learning from home saves parents extra costs, including fuel expenses or extra payments for missed classes, etc.

Recorded Lessons for Effective Revision

One of the top benefits of online classes is the lesson that is taught during the live sessions is recorded and this can be re-watched later by the students. Therefore, children can watch the lessons at their convenience until they understand the concept fully and pick up the right guitar-playing skill.

Child Safety

In an offline setting, parents usually feel the need to monitor their kids and ensure they are safe. So, they drive their kids to the music school, wait for them until the class gets over and then drive back home. The convenience of online learning eliminates this hassle for parents, allowing them to free up some time for other important activities.

Lesson Cancellation

It is quite surprising that online lessons are less likely to be cancelled than offline classes. Students cancel offline classes due to many reasons such as traffic, a clash in schedules, illness, attending a social function or a vacation. Sometimes, tutors can also cancel lessons. When there are frequent lesson cancellations, it becomes harder for the teacher to track a student’s progress and they can struggle to catch up.

Online Guitar classes eliminate the occurrence of such situations and allow the classes to be held with minimal effort, wherein students get the maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling their classes. With such a flexible environment, children experience improved and positive learning and student engagement. This is particularly important when it comes to music classes, which are not part of an official school curriculum and are taken optionally as a hobby.

Flexible Schedule

In traditional guitar classes, children have to mostly stick to a set schedule. In such a setup, there’s a high possibility of kids missing their guitar lessons. This could be due to emergency needs, or there is a clash between their academic and extracurricular commitments.

Against such a backdrop, online guitar classes for kids can be really beneficial. Parents can choose and fix a schedule that works best for their children. Parents can choose the best day and time for their kids by looking at all the teachers available online versus just the teachers in the local area.

Explore New Horizons

Online Guitar lessons can help children explore new horizons and discover new cultures through interactions with students from different parts of the world. Your child will encounter children from different social classes and backgrounds. So it’s not just about learning guitars, they learn to be more social, develop a team and collaborative mentality and form new friendships.

To summarise, these are some of the top advantages and benefits of online guitar classes for kids.

Why Don’t You Give it a Try?

Anytime you notice your child is showing interest in learning guitar, keep in mind that it is going to be a life-changing experience for him/her. The guitar is one of the coolest instruments which is played by many famous musicians worldwide. Nonetheless, learning guitar for children can be fun if you choose the right learning method for them.

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