How Can You Make Music Learning Exciting?

There are days when you are super excited to learn something new and there are days when you feel like you can’t improve or you’re stuck playing the same scales and notes. While it is always fun to play the new material but what about learning the theory. Yes, we know how tough it can be. Whether you’re a first-time learner or a pro, there are many ways to make music learning fun and exciting.

Let’s get through the tips to reform your music learning into somethin g exciting.

Tips to Make Music Learning Exciting

Engage in Group Activities

Be an active participant in group activities or games in the classroom. These activities encourage teamwork and positive interaction. Overcome that shyness and even if you think you are wrong it does not matter you learn better by making mistakes. This is an important exercise too as most music is usually composed and performed by groups., These activities help students understand how to work together and collaborate with others.

Set Goals

Another way to make music learning fun is to set goals. We all love some healthy competition right? So if you are a part of music class you can start setting goals for yourself or with your peers to keep things exciting.
For example, you could challenge yourself to learn ten pieces using a metronome by the end of the year. Or you could have a note-reading competition with your peer and see who can identify the most notes on a staff in the shortest amount of time.

Include Songs

Another way to make music learning fun is to include songs that are easy to pick up on the instrument or songs that you enjoy. This way, you will be more likely to learn faster and without losing interest.
For example, if you love listening to jazz, then you should learn this genre of songs instead of metal genre ones.

Learning Music with Body Movements

Now this a very interesting concept and can make music learning very exciting. The rule is to incorporate body movements. For example, using the body movement of the hands and feet to understand rhythm and beat is a fun way to learn music. Using body movement techniques during music lessons can give you a break from the normal routine of just playing your instrument.

Make Your Own Instruments

Try and make your own instruments. You can always buy musical instruments for the class. But, there are fun ways to make an instrument and make music learning more interesting. One of the methods includes building a guitar from cardboard or building a musical instrument with rubber bands. Another activity involves tapping water glasses to change the pitch. The process also teaches you about concepts covered in Physics.

Find an Experienced and Approachable Music Teacher

You need to find a teacher who is experienced and very friendly. Music learning becomes interesting when you have the right teacher who keeps the classes interactive and engaging. Such instructors can teach you the basics of the instrument more clearly and keep you hooked to the lessons in the long run.
Finding someone who can properly guide you through each song and keep a track of your progress is also important.

Choose the Music Which you Enjoy the Most.

When it comes to music learning, the best way to make it exciting is to choose music that you enjoy. Learning the music style that you like is a great way to keep things lively. Plus, once you have fully learned to play or sing the song skillfully you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Apart from learning your favorite song you also have to remember that it takes time to learn the basics and develop mastery. Your favorite musicians have probably spent years practicing their craft. Practicing is important, so be patient and allow yourself the space and time needed to get better.

You can also make music learning fun and exciting by incorporating popular songs. Now, these songs could be included in your music lessons. If not, you can pick from your side. Popular songs are a great way to showcase your performance.

When you begin learning to play an instrument, try playing it back to yourself in your head before you begin playing on the instrument. Doing so will develop your audition skills and learn to improvise melodies. Another way to make music learning fun is to listen to improvisational recordings and sketches.

Wrap Up!

Music learning does not always have to be serious and strenuous. It can always be fun. The good thing though is that you can make it more enjoyable and entertaining for yourself. Try some of these tips and we are sure it will make a difference in your musical journey.

Meanwhile, at Music Pandit you can share some of your views on making the lessons interactive and music learning easy. The mentors at Music Pandit always appreciate their students for feedback and suggestions.


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