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Music has the power to improve mood, reduce anxiety and pain, and even can facilitate opportunities for emotional expression. According to research, music can benefit both your mental and physical state in various ways. So, it is a very good idea if you are trying to learn how to become a good singer or discover your voice.

However, you cannot become a good singer if you do not take the right actions or follow some crucial steps wisely. If you want to find your singing voice then you will need a bit of practice backed by the right warm-ups and exercises.

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Read on below to learn some of the steps that will help discover your voice and sing like a star. One thing to note, before going through these steps, you should know that hard work and consistency are important factors also that can help you a lot to discover your voice and sing like a star. Having said that, let’s dive into the pointers.

Five Steps to Discover your Singing Voice

1. Seek Guidance from Vocal Experts

Playing an instrument or singing is a skill that can be learned and improved upon progressively if you have the right guidance. While they say practice is the key to success it is important to know your voice needs. You should have a clear understanding of proper vocal techniques and exercises. For this, you can contact a professional or follow online classes. You can get a hold of an experienced vocal instructor Music Pandit and they will teach you some great techniques which you can adopt in your everyday practice routine and work towards becoming a great singer.

With the help of fun and interactive vocal courses at Music Pandit, you will know which singing exercises will help you improve your voice in a very little amount of time. Thus, what we want to say is that with the help of some professional music classes, you can dramatically improve your singing voice and sing like a star.

Moreover, after gaining knowledge about the exercises and tips you need to be serious with your warm-up routine, as warming up is crucial for any professional singer. You can also get help from professional instructors to set a perfect schedule for warm-up.

2. Learn to Manage your Breathing

The second most important step of singing like a star is to manage your breathing properly. The theory is simple, if you cannot manage your breathing, you cannot sing well. At first, you need to understand that breathing for speaking and breathing for singing are different. The main difference though, during singing the breathing is done from the belly or through the diaphragm.

Breathing during singing provides both the quality of sound and the volume level. So with proper breathing technique (inhaling and exhaling) a good amount of air can pass through the vocal folds and sound is generated. Thus, breathing exercises are critical to the success of any aspiring vocalist. Moreover, an improved breathing technique will allow a singer to have more control over their voice, explore a broader range of notes, and hit the notes accurately.

There are many professional coaches who can teach you how to breathe properly and sing better than ever. With proper guidance, you can have better control in this area than before. If you are a beginner, you should consider this step very seriously.

3. Fixing Cracks and Breaks

You should never force your voice. If you do not have confidence and cannot trust your voice, it may result in poor performance when you try to sing in front of other people. Breaks and cracks can usually happen between registers like the head and chest. If you have weak vocal muscles, your voice may crack when you try to increase your vocal range or power.

So, to resolve this issue, you should perform some vocal exercises to strengthen your muscle and avoid being scared or tense.

4. Master Power

As a singer, you may want to sing with more power; however, before that, you need to master it properly. To make your voice powerful, you don’t have to force or push your voice because more volume does not mean more power. To get more power you may need to learn how to control your tongue. When you try to sing with more power, the placement of your tongue can create problems for you. One good tip to avoid this issue is to keep your tongue pressed against your bottom teeth.

5. Improve your Vocal Range

Another important step to singing like a star and discovering your voice is to improve your vocal range. For this, you need to practice daily and follow some specific techniques given by your music teacher or instructor. Some of the common techniques include singing with a tall posture, relaxing your jaw, and lip trills amongst others.

Thus, by following the crucial steps mentioned above, you can discover your voice and become a good singer with ease.


How to hit high notes successfully?

If you wish to hit high notes successfully, you need to follow a serious warm-up routine. Moreover, it is important to avoid straining and tension in your voice.

Are online singing lessons good?

Online singing lessons are the best way for many people who wish to improve their voice but do not have anyone to teach them. Thus, you can easily sign up for a few online lessons and practice the way they tell you if you wish to become a good singer.


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