The Five Best Digital Pianos

Acoustic pianos might sometimes be too big and loud for your house. Apart from these, they are also heavy, expensive, and need regular maintenance and tuning. Due to these reasons, people are selecting cheaper, smaller, and lighter digital Pianos to buy. They are also lower in maintenance than the acoustic versions.

If you are a beginner or looking for an up-gradation from the regular keyboard, digital pianos are the best alternative to buy. In this article, we have finalized the top 5 digital Pianos to buy to build a strong foundation for your skills and help to keep a rapid pace in your musical journey.

Top 5 Digital Pianos That You Can Buy

1. Casio Privia (PX-S1000):

The Privia series from Casio is always a step ahead in the ladder of quality, and PX-S1000 is no exception to this. This outstanding sounding digital piano is the slimmest model with 88 keys and a super slick 23 cm of front-to-end profile. The tone Privia delivers from the sound engine is phenomenal. There are three color options for this piano which are white, red, and black. It includes 192 note polyphony, inbuilt 60 songs, an active touch display panel, and a Bluetooth feature that makes it one of the most affordable digital pianos in the market.


  • Upper slim and innovative architecture
  • Smartly scaled hammer action
  • 18 number of sounds
  • 8 watt of speakers

2. FP-10 Roland Piano

The stand-out characteristic of this full-size digitalized FP-10 piano from Roland is its world-class PHA-4 keyboard. All the 88 keys got separately weighted with various weights, like an acoustic piano. It delivers one of the smoothest and genuine feeling keybeds in this reasonable price range. The patented technology of Roland, known as SupraNatural provides an outstandingly nuanced and detailed sound. The split mode delivers 4 octave piano at every keyboard end, also making it perfect for teaching. It uses both Bluetooth and USB, which makes it an exceptional MIDI controlling keyboard.


  • PHA-4 keybed with Ivory and escapement feel
  • 15 number of sounds
  • 96 maximum polyphony
  • MIDI Bluetooth

3. P- 45 Yamaha Piano

It is one of the bestselling digital pianos for quite a long time due to its numerous benefits. Besides getting reassurance of the musical pedigree of Yamaha, it includes AWM or Advanced Wave Model sampling Technology. This graded hammer piano weighs heavier like an acoustic piano but is a perfect all-rounder for amateurs or novices. It might include fewer features compared to the above models, but it is still worthy of investment.


  • 10 number of sounds
  • 64 maximum polyphony
  • 6 watt of speakers

4. ES110 Kawai Piano

Kawai is another famous brand in the digital pianos world with exceptional features like 19 tones, out of which 8 are sampled from the Kawai EX grand piano. S110 is powered by Harmonic Imaging technology for enhanced realistic music across the sample dynamic range. The newly designed action of responsive Hammer makes it compact and implements the same principles as that of the higher model RHII. 100 drum rhythms are present on board to help you with great practice sessions. MIDI allows wireless communication with Android and iOS devices.


  • 192 maximum polyphony
  • 7 watt of speakers
  • Premium quality action and sound
  • Bluetooth MIDI

5. B2N Korg Piano

If you are looking for more portable digital Pianos to buy, B2N from Korg is the best one for you. This feather touch and compact piano are easier to move, especially for beginners and children. It includes German and Italian samples and provides support for half-pedaling, similar to an acoustic piano.

You will require to buy a separate PU-2 pedal damper unit to reap the benefit of this feature. The USB connection can send and receive both audio and MIDI. The piano comes in a package of Korg Gadget and Module LE, and a subscription to Skoove piano online lessons for three months.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Numerous software bundles
  • 88 full-sized keys
  • 12 number of sounds
  • 120 maximum polyphony
  • 15 watt of speakers

Final Words

At the end of this article, we hope you now have an idea about which digital pianos to buy and why. Consider the sound, the primary features, and weight of the digital pianos before making a final decision. You can also purchase some useful accessories like a piano stool, headphones, foot pedals, and more to enhance your performance.


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