Which is Easier to Learn – Piano Or Guitar

Are you an avid music lover and want to learn to play a musical instrument of your choice? If you are finding yourself perplexed owing to the vast number of instruments that are available, we can break down this task for you a little!

The piano and the guitar are two of the most common instruments that are played around the world. Both of these instruments have their own dedicated fan following for many reasons. Several reputed musicians across various timelines have made them popular!

However, selecting the easier instrument between both of these can be pretty challenging, especially if you are new to the music scene. Hence, we have collected the required statistics and facts that can help you make an informed decision in this regard.

Piano Or Guitar – Which Is Beginner-Friendly?

Both, piano and guitar have their own pros and cons. We have listed the different features of both the instruments that seem to stand out for us. Based on these aspects, you can pick the instrument you deem fit!

Why Should You Pick The Guitar?

The guitar is a versatile instrument that most beginners opt for. This instrument is also suitable for children as it is easy to maintain and can be grasped quickly by little musicians! The guitar is a simple string instrument that does not require complicated playing abilities.


Guitars are available in a diverse range of prices. Most beginners prefer to begin with a basic, inexpensive model of an instrument to begin their musical journey. As compared to the piano, a guitar is cheaper and more accessible.

Tip: If you want to learn to play the piano but cannot afford one, you can invest in a piano. Keyboards with weighted keys are easily available. They produce sounds that are entirely identical to a real piano as well!


It is evident that a guitar is more kid-friendly than a piano. If you wish to train your kid musically from a very tender age, a guitar is the best option at your hand. Guitars are easier to manage than a piano from a child’s perspective.

The strings are also less complicated to learn than the notes of a piano. If you want to teach your kids a simple instrument and then proceed to a slightly more comprehensive instrument, you can begin with the guitar and then move on to the piano.

Why Should You Pick The Piano?

The piano is one of the most sophisticated and graceful instruments of all time. It lends a touch of exquisite elegance to your overall personality once you learn to play this instrument and master the nuances involved.

Simple Design

If you want to play an instrument that has a simple layout with a design that is easy to understand, you should opt for the piano! They comprise white and black keys that can be grouped into octaves.

The piano is the instrument that is generally suggested by experts for elderly people who wish to kickstart their musical journey!

Good For Reading Music

If you want to establish a solid foundation in music for yourself, the piano might help you more in this regard than the guitar. Piano lessons will provide you with a lucid understanding of music in general and teach you about compositions.

A guitar is primarily learned through the ear and simple classes. If you want to pursue it professionally, you can take up the graded guitar classes that are available along with musical instruments.


Both the guitar and the piano are incredible in their own ways! The ease of playing and the grasping involved in the composition depend mostly on the person’s interest who wishes to learn to play!


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