Children’s Guide on Learning the Piano

The piano is one of the best instruments that you can motivate your kids to play and learn in a streamlined way. It will holistically aid their development and ensure that they gain better skills with regard to their overall bearing.

In this guide, we have included some of the different ways you can ensure that your kids learn to play the piano in the best possible manner. Do go through it to gain some much-needed insight!

When Can I Start To Teach Them?

According to a popular survey, kids are known to be able to grasp musical skills at the average age of seven. However, talented children with an inclination towards music generally begin to play instruments from as early as three.

Before coaching your kid to play the piano, you can analyze a few parameters. They include:

General Attention Span

It is important to make sure that your kid is self-motivated and interested in playing the piano. This will cement their knowledge in the best possible manner and help them learn quickly.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing the piano requires immense hand-eye coordination from the kid’s end. It will also play a massive role in improving this skill set. However, the learner has to have a basic understanding of this coordination to master playing easily.

Reading Abilities

Your kid should be able to read music to play it easily. Hence, it is essential to analyze your kid’s reading skills and the ability to perceive the notes comprehensively!

Classical pianos can be a bit too huge for your kids to play. Hence, purchasing a kid-sized piano is the best option at hand for you! It will help them get accustomed to the instrument and eventually prepare them for a regular-sized piano. Some of the best pianos for your kids in the market are:

1. Goplus Classical Kids Piano

If your kid is aged between 1 and 6, then this piano is one of the best fits for them. The primary material used in this piano is birchwood. A glossy, non-toxic finish is applied to this piano. It is to be noted that this piano requires tuning.

2. Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Another good option that you can opt for is the Schoenhut Baby piano. It has 30 keys that are designed to help your kids effortlessly grasp the basics of piano -playing! The height of this piano is its most unique feature – it is just 19 inches tall!


Guiding your kids to play a musical instrument is a rewarding process that all parents should undertake. It can help you bond with your kids and establish a strong relationship with them. Simultaneously, they receive a lot of enrichment and acquire new skills easily!

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