Difference Between Live Music Classes and Online Music Classes

People didn’t really believe in the effectiveness of online classes before the pandemic. After COVID-19 hit the world and people were forced to work from home, they realized the potential of online lessons. They are as productive and informative as live classes. In fact, some believe online classes are more convenient compared to live classes. This debate seems to be never-ending as different people have different opinions on this.

In reality, both modes have their own pros and cons. However, online classes have opened up more avenues for people to learn and follow their passion at any age. Music is one such passion that most people possess but cannot pursue due to lack of training. They do not have time to juggle between work and music lessons.

Online music courses have solved this problem for everybody. With the help of technology, people can easily learn music whenever they want.

Live VS Online Music Classes: Which is Better?

Trying to figure out which mode of learning is better can be a little difficult. It depends on a person to choose which is more preferable for them, online or live classes. It is important to research and figure out the benefits of both modes of learning. Then only one can decide which classes will benefit them the most depending on their schedule.

Let’s look at the differences between live and online music classes for you to assess which is better:

Flexibility of Time

Online music classes allow people to balance time between work and class. Live music classes have a fixed time. In case a person misses a class, their entire learning gets disrupted. There are various factors that can affect a person’s attendance in live classes. This is not a problem in online classes as people can schedule timings at their convenience. Once they can set a convenient time, they will surely be present for the class. The classes do not hamper their work and also provide them with the opportunity to learn music.

Individual Assistance

In online music classes, the teacher can provide individual attention to every student. This is beneficial for beginners as they require attention initially. In live classes, a single teacher has to attend the entire batch of students. It is not possible for the teacher to look after everybody at a scheduled time. Online classes also allow students to learn at their own pace. They can ask for help from the teachers whenever they face an issue.

Choice of Teachers

Online music classes allow students to receive knowledge from a variety of teachers. They have a lot of options to choose from. In live classes, the options are not very much. Only one teacher caters to the needs of the students. Online classes also help students to learn more than one instrument at the same time. Live classes have a fixed timing and routine so the teacher does not provide many options to the students.

Recorded Classes

The information provided during a live class cannot be accessed later. In online classes, the knowledge and information shared can be accessed at all times. Students can refer to the material and keep practising music on their own. This is going to improve their performance and make them better musicians. Live classes have a restricted time and schedule, therefore most people do not prefer it. There are people who like to learn new skills at their own pace but often have to give up because of a tight schedule. Online Music classes are the perfect solution for them to continue learning music. They can access information anywhere they want.


In online music classes, people often do not get feedback instantly. Sometimes they need to wait for the teacher to come online, watch the video and then give feedback. This can be time-taking and demotivating. In live classes, since the teacher and students are present at the same time, feedback is also received during the class. The teacher immediately notices and rectifies the flaws.

By now the pros and cons of online classes and live music classes must be clear. Technology has supported the field of education to a great extent by introducing online learning. Online classes are going to get better with time so that the learners can totally rely on them. This will make sure that learning does not stop for anybody. Earlier people used to give up their passion due to work or academic pressure.

Now they have the choice to carry on with their hobby along with the other important works. It is up to them to choose online classes or live classes depending on their requirements.


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