Do You Want to Master Guitar Quickly?

Guitar learning is not easy! It takes a lot of practice and plenty of years to get good at it. But there are scientifically known ways to master the guitar quickly. Knowing these helps you make the most of your practice time and use every advantage you can to learn more efficiently.

How to Master Guitar Quickly

Here are few useful tips to help you master guitar easily and within a short period of time.

Create An Ideal Learning Environment

Research has shown that the place where you choose to spend your time practising the guitar is a significant factor in how easily you learn to play the instrument. Daylight is important and a room that has plenty of it coming in through the windows is conducive to guitar learning. Moreover, practising in a silent environment is better than doing so in a noisy one as it helps you to concentrate better.

So, you can select a quieter space in the house or go electric and use headphones that block out all the background noise. It has also been found that students learn best in temperatures that are between 20 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius. So cooler temperatures are better than warmer ones.

Next comes the layout of your room. If you learn in a tidy and uncluttered environment you learn better. Finally, having plants in your learning space has a positive impact on you.

Physically Train Yourself

While for most beginners guitar playing is about spatial awareness, the ability to think clearly and remembering lots of things, one more thing that can help you learn better is physical exercise. Little wonder why so many professional guitarists look so good physically. Working out regularly is good for your health and will help you play even better.

Be Aware of Your Chorotype

Chronotype is a person’s inclination to sleep at a particular time during the day. Some are classified as early birds and categorised as some night owls. A study has proven that people learn best according to their own specific chronotype. Therefore a night owl learns better late into the night and an early bird learns well in the morning. It is important that you tailor your practise sessions according to your needs. Experts suggest that students practise once in the morning and once in the evening.

Meditate and Sleep

Meditating can help you create better, more spiritual and deeper music. It enhances your creativity, enhances brain efficiency and reduces anxiety, which is good when performing before an audience. In addition, a medical study has found that chewing gum can also help you as a performer as it not just freshens your breath but also stimulates the brain by improving blood flow. So while learning new techniques on the guitar, chewing gum might help with diminishing stress, increasing your alertness and memory and relieving anxiety.

Finally, the importance of sleep cannot be overstressed when learning anything new. So, realise that if you are keen on improving your guitar playing skills, doing so by practising late into the night is counterproductive. Instead, use a quality ten minutes of highly focused practice and then put down your guitar to get a good night’s sleep.

Continue to Achieve

The only way that you can be motivated to keep mastering the instrument is to achieve something each and every day. For instance, make a list of ten songs you want to learn and list them out in order of difficulty. Now put your focus into learning them and you will find that you are more interested and inspired to learn as you are learning what you want to.

Studies have shown that music releases dopamine in the brain which creates the feeling of pleasure. Enjoy the dopamine high while playing music and you never know you might even get addicted to it.

Other Ways To Master Guitar Playing

Experts suggest that if you listen to the music you are learning while sleeping, you will learn it better and quicker as this promotes memory stabilization. Know that it is always an advantage to have a good guitar teacher as a guide as he or she will assess and test you regularly, which is vital for you to learn faster. If you do not have one, it is necessary that you test yourself as a guitar player regularly.


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