How Learning an Instrument Improves Memory and Intelligence?

Many learn to play different musical instruments only for fun. On the other hand, there are also people who learn music in order to make a career in the field. You may have an idea that learning instruments help in relaxing the mind. However, have you ever thought if learning an instrument could improve memory and intelligence?

Well, it may come to you as a surprise, but it is indeed true! A number of researches show that there is a connection between playing instruments and improvement of IQ and memory.

Ways Learning an Instrument Enhances IQ

It is a common perception that music helps in uplifting moods. It is true, but there is more to it. Learning an instrument can even enhance the mental abilities of individuals. Wondering how? Well, learning an instrument can positively impact mental abilities such as spatial-temporal intelligence.

The spatial-temporal intelligence is known to help individuals in complex problem-solving. In order to solve a complicated numerical in Maths or to play the game of chess, you require using spatial-temporal intelligence. Music can help in improving this intelligence significantly. Moreover, it can even improve abstract reasoning skills.

Researches show that children who learn an instrument perform better academically in comparison to their counterparts. It helps in strengthening the left side of the brain and making individuals smarter. According to research, learning an instrument can improve the intelligence of children by 7 points. It can make individuals mentally sharp and improve their cognitive abilities.

When you learn an instrument, you not only can comprehend sounds faster but also train your ears and eyes to receive accurate information. Learning musical instruments helps in activating almost all the parts of the brain. By moving your fingers on the instrument, you engage your gross motor skills.

When you listen to the music and make adjustments to the tone, you activate the auditory cortex. Moreover, when you read the music sheets, your brain’s visual region brightens up.

All these contribute to the overall improvements of an individual’s intelligence.

Ways Learning an Instrument Improves Memory

Now that you know how learning an instrument improves intelligence, you must be wondering how it enhances memory. Did you know that the sharpness of the brain depends on neuron connectivity? Well, it’s true!

When you learn an instrument, you are likely to practice it regularly. The constant practice helps in improving neuron connectivity significantly. Practising and remembering the ways to play music aids in improving the memory of the individuals. Moreover, musical sounds can trigger neurons responsible for memory. The more your neurons are triggered, the better will be your memory, and the faster you will be able to retrieve information.


Learning a musical instrument is fun and enjoyable. However, it can also provide you with a number of benefits. Apart from relaxing your mind, it can significantly improve your intelligence and memory. Now that you know the benefits, it is time to start learning an instrument. Make sure to choose a reputed platform or institute such as Music Pandit, in order to get quality training from professional experts.


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