How to Clean Your Guitar: Guide to Keep it in Top Condition

Cleaning your guitar should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. With time, whenever you will have fun with the guitar, there will be sweat, dust, dirt, and grime formation on it. To maintain the sound quality, keep the instrument in the finest condition. Cleaning your musical instrument is a hassle-free process which could also involve some tools and things that you might have in your home.

Always be cautious when you clean your guitar and ensure that you are using the finest products in the market. So in this blog, our experts at Music Pandit have listed down few useful tips on the different ways to clean your guitar and maintain your favourite musical instrument in a top condition – be it acoustic or electric.

How to Make Guitar Spotless?

Cleaning this musical instrument is simple and easy by following the below steps.

Clay for Paint Cleaning

Clay for paint cleaning appears like molding clay for the kids and is available in an auto vehicle shop. Apply some rapid detailing solution on the equipment to act as a lubricant and move the clay upward and down smoothly. It will eliminate all the contaminants from the instrument.

The finish of the instrument will also get silky after cleaning it with the clay, and observe a little bit of its previous gloss. Then clean the remaining dirt with a microfiber material cloth. This sort of cloth is efficient in trapping the dirt without making any scratch on the musical device. Never use any t-shirt or socks to dirt free the guitar.


Most of us think that polishing means shining something till it is glossy in appearance. However, for guitar cleaning, polish terminates the scratches within an apparent coat. Many renowned guitar manufacturing companies polish their products in this way. The scratches are primarily caused due to materials of the rough clothes, cases, and many more.

Acquire the finest outcome if you employ a small pad for polish. Buff off the instrument after receiving a glowing shine due to the paint polishing with a cloth. In this way, the polish will not have any oxidation. The original deep colour of your instrument will be back after this step.


It is now time to wax the musical device. Waxing is a process that will protect the polished surface from oxidation, keep it clean, and prevent light scratches, and many more. Pure wax should be composed of carnauba, but you can utilize other kinds of wax also.

Wax will harden the guitar surface, giving it a defensive blockade. Apply the wax with a microfiber cloth. Remember never to apply too much wax as it will become difficult to eliminate. To convert your old instrument shine like a new one, put one layer of wax, allow it to dry, and apply another coat.


After cleaning with clay, polishing, and waxing the instrument, you can implement a detailer regularly to remove your fingerprints and maintain the glossy conclusion. In this situation, you should use only a microfiber tablecloth and nothing else. Repeat the steps of polishing and waxing regularly to maintain your musical instrument in the best condition.

End Thoughts

So these are the instructions you should follow while cleaning your musical instrument. Besides these, always put your guitar inside a cover, as putting it in a stand or a wall in the room will cover it with dirt early. Also, clean your strings often to have a high-quality sound. Consider the humidity and temperature of the room where you will keep the guitar.

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