How to Learn Bollywood Songs on Piano or Keyboard in 7 Easy Steps

The piano is a versatile instrument where you can play any type of song. A trained pianist can pick up playing any song on the piano without facing any difficulty. However, it can be a little intimidating for beginners. To learn Bollywood songs on piano keyboard, one should have the patience and take the risk of experimenting with different songs. Beginners need help initially and once they grasp the technique, it is not difficult anymore.

If the beginners are trained properly about the basics of playing the piano keyboard, they can experiment with the Bollywood songs on their own. Many people limit their learning thinking that it’s too late to start any new journey. This should not be a cause of concern as one can learn at any age and at any time if they are really interested. Music is a talent that can be acquired at any age. Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong skill that does not provide a person with a time limit to learn.

Steps to Follow While Learning to Play Bollywood Songs on Piano

Here are 7 easy steps that you can follow if you are a beginner, at learning Bollywood songs on piano keyboard:

Find a Trainer

The first important step that a beginner should follow while starting to play Bollywood songs on piano keyboard is to find a trainer. A trained pianist guides beginners through the basic steps and helps them in learning the songs initially.

They are the ones who can constantly support a learner and help them gain confidence in playing the piano. If a person is too intimidated while playing the piano in front of a crowd, a teacher can help to get rid of the fear as well by teaching them the right techniques of the piano.

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Watch Tutorials

The learners can go through the free online tutorials of playing the piano. They can also see tutorials of a specific Bollywood song that they are trying to play. This will make it easy for them to play Bollywood songs on piano keyboard. They will get the right notes and keys to the songs. If they follow the correct order that is shown in the tutorial, picking up the song will become easy.


The most important step to learning any instrument is practising. Whatever you learn from the tutor or online tutorials should be practised regularly. This will help to learn the song on the piano keyboard quicker. It also helps a person to experiment more often as they get familiar with the instrument. Practising is extremely important for beginners as well as trained professionals. One should stay in touch with the piano keyboard daily and practise the Bollywood song that they want to learn.

Set a Goal

Setting goals or aims helps a person to stay focused on their learning. If there is no goal then a learner might give up midway or take more time in learning. You can also set an achievable time period to learn Bollywood songs on piano keyboard to see if you are learning at the right time. This helps one to compete with themselves which is very important in learning better. Staying focused and having a goal are the main keys to learning.

Schedule a Time

Mark a specific time to practise the piano daily. Make sure you are practising at the scheduled time every day and check your progress. Marking a proper time helps a person to also set their daily routine accordingly. One should always make time for the skills one likes to learn. It is crucial for them to set a specific time to learn Bollywood songs on piano keyboard. They can either utilise this time in learning from a tutor or practise alone.

Choose a Song

If you are a beginner, choose a Bollywood song first. Don’t try to learn to play all your favourite songs on the piano keyboard, that will only confuse you more. Select an easy Bollywood song and try practising that first. This will make the learning process smooth and fun.

Learn from Your Mistakes

It is not necessary that you will always have to play the Bollywood songs on piano keyboard correctly. Making mistakes is normal but one should also learn from them. In fact, a person learns better from their mistakes. Therefore, making mistakes while playing the instrument is common and okay for everybody.

If a person follows all these steps while learning to play a Bollywood song on piano, they will easily grasp every information and play better. These are the basic steps that everybody should follow if they are interested in learning Bollywood songs on the instrument.

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