How to Maintain Work-Life Balance for Songwriter and Musician

Maintaining a work-life balance for a songwriter or a musician is not an easy task and it calls for a lot of troubles. Especially if music is not your official job and you are occupied with some other career in your life and spend time for music as a freelancer or just because music is your passion.

However, to solve the queries and ease your stress, we got you a brief guide. Here, in this article, we have considered speaking about those supportive steps that can help someone is managing their work-life balances.

Maintain Good Work-Life Balance Using These Guidelines

List Down Your Entire Day Schedule at the Beginning of the Day

You can make this schedule wherever you feel comfortable, pick out any physical calendar or take an excel sheet or just pen it down in the notepad. All you need to do is to mention the daily schedule in the beginning and ensure you are focusing on the time you have to deliver each of the mentioned tasks.

Determine and Decide How Much Time You are Willing to Spend with Music

Is music your full-time job as well? If it is not your full-time job and you are willing to spend time as a freelancer then decide accordingly. Having everything in the calendar and tasks displayed well, can ease the stress and allows the person to manage the day well even while multi-tasking.

Stay Realistic

We would recommend staying realistic and penning down a sensible schedule that matches your day and your lifestyle. If someone schedules quite a hectic schedule and he is not good at effective completion of work then it can be tough to manage. Or if you decide to overwork but you are lazy as a person can’t overload, then it will be a waste in the end. Thus, to have a fine and healthy schedule, stay realistic.

Be Picky About the Decision

If you are an extrovert or someone with lots of friends or colleagues, then you need to decide if spending time with them would help or it can be a loss in the end. This is something only you can analyze and get out with the best outcome. No one else knows you about this aspect and no one can help you here as much as you can. Thus, try to be picky about your decision and take out what matters the most and what requires how much your time.

Take Required Help

Look to the professional or anyone near around whom you think can be helpful and can assist you well. You can take assistance from colleagues or manager if your occupation is not music or you can check if you can afford a maid to save your extra cleaning hours. If you think, this is not possible and you can’t manage time anymore, that’s okay! Don’t panic.

It is Okay if Imbalances Takes Place Initially

Learn to embrace the imbalance talking place. It is okay if things are not working well in the initial period and you are not able to work fine with the schedule. Don’t let this disappoint you! Because, it is not easy to have true balances in work and life, especially when you have a hectic schedule and having a hectic schedule is quite common being a musician or a songwriter.

Therefore the best way to have a work balance is to accept if imbalances are there.

Initially, it can be tough but, as you try to climb the mountain, things will start moving smoothly. Similarly, it applies in this scenario as well.


Here we have considered speaking about all those points that could help up easily managing work-life as a musician and a songwriter. This article spoke about basic and common points that could be helpful in such a scenario. We would also suggest not to worry about those imbalances taking place in the initial period and learn to embrace the imbalance to gain the equilibrium after a while.


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