How to Make Your Videos Viral

It may seem like the pinnacle of success to have your video go viral. However, if that is your goal then realise that it is not an easy one to achieve. Content that works one day might just fall flat with simply a few variables tweaked on another day.

So, it’s not really clever to set your eyes on making a video viral. What you can focus on however is to have excellent video content that you can market to as many people as possible.

6 Ways to Make Your Videos Viral

You should be aware that no one can actually make your video go viral and anyone who promises to do so is not telling you the truth. No, not even content creators or distributors can guarantee this. Even content creators who have created viral videos in the past see every new content video as a new challenge. However, there are several similarities between videos that achieve viral success and it is possible to use these in your video to get success.

Use Your Video to Elicit Emotions

to elicit positive emotions from people who watch it. Emotions like humour, compassion or happiness are worth aiming for if you want your video to go viral. Create something that creates a happy positive vibe and energy that resonates with viewers. It’s no point creating a video with negative vibes that go viral for the wrong reasons.

Be Sure to Share Your Video Strategically

The next step is to share your content in a strategic manner. Many people are unaware of the fact that viral content does not happen completely organically in most cases. As is often the case, when a video receives millions of views it is probably because it has received lifts from advertising and from outreach efforts where prominent figures or media outlets share it. Or at least every possible effort has been made to get the video in front of as many people as is possible.

In one instance, a lady got a dance video to go viral by intentionally attempting to get traffic on various popular sites and eventually found success when it found favour on Reddit. Intentionally marketing your video content will take quite a bit of effort and is not a hand’s-off process.

Keep Your Content Short and Sweet

As has been scientifically observed, in the digital age, everyone has a very short attention span. What this means for your content is that almost nobody is going to want to watch a video that is ten minutes long unless it holds some real value to them. Content will usually go viral if it is shorter in duration ranging anywhere between a couple of seconds to a few minutes at best.

Timing Your Video is Vital

If you are looking at making your video viral, you should post it on a weekday. Many suggest posting your content early in the week so that you have many more days before the weekend sets in and you get a captive audience. The reason behind this logic is that many people are viewing and digesting videos while at work or during lunch breaks or even when they are simply browsing the internet during the week.

While it is possible to go viral on weekends, there might be lesser people looking for content at that time. Reason why you should avoid posting on holidays unless of course, your video content has some relevance to the holiday in question.

Align Your Video Content With Current Events

As has already been stated above, you will need to be knowledgeable of what’s making news in the world when you post your video, so that you can then see if you can align it accordingly. Make sure to be updated on current events, popular meme formats and trending topics so that you can pile your content on a current event and see it ride to success.

Stay Connected and Engaged

Know that even after you post your video, your job is not over because now you need to monitor the engagement and interact with audiences and media outlets if your content gains traction. If your video is not finding success, you will need to treat it as a case study and learn from it to optimize your approach next time.


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