Learn Music for a Passion Or as a Career

Music is more important in our lives than we realize. Whether we are just listening to some music, humming a tune or singing out loud, music helps us relax uniquely. Therefore, music is a very essential part of our lives. Music might be a hobby or something one is passionate about enough to make it a career.

So many people today aspire to learn music and make a career in this field. They dream of becoming a successful musicians and performers. While some are gifted in their talents naturally some are very hard working. Becoming a musician is not a cakewalk.

First, a professional musician must appreciate music as a performing art. Therefore, just talent is not enough if you want to make a career in music. Attention and concentration, along with dedication are vital. Today, more opportunities like an online music courses give you resources at your disposal.

What Must You Remember to Make a Career in Music?

People often mistake passion for a hobby. If one is passionate enough about something, the aim must be to make a career. However, unfortunately, this is not always feasible. But music offers the opportunity of turning it into a career choice from being a passionate aspirer! To do so, you must invest in practice.

Practice does not only refer to sharpening your skills at playing an instrument or rehearsing or vocalizing a song. The practice includes a wide range of music and a field of education. The theory, the instruments, the notes, and so on!

Music Courses and Duration

A basic level of education is important before you decide to take up any form of art as a career option. As soon as you take the final exams of the 12th standard, you can pursue the field of professional music.

People who aspire to become musicians can choose whether to form their vocal or instrumental music expertise. The course of music as education teaches students about the history, composing techniques, interpretation, voice instruction, etc.

The formal degree name one can pursue after completing the board exams is B. A (Hons) in Music, B.F.A (Music) or, B.P.A (Music) degree course. These courses are for 3 years and are conducted by several art schools in the country.

Types of Music

As mentioned before, and many people might already be aware, various kinds of music are present. Learning the basics is essential. However, one must decide which type of music attracts them the most and specialise in that field accordingly. The duration of the courses depends and varies according to the requirements.

The following are some popular types of music that students like to pursue-

  • Blues
  • Classical Music
  • Country Music
  • Electronic Music
  • Jazz
  • Latin Music
  • Metal Music
  • Pop Music
  • Punk music
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Rock Music

Career and Scope in Music

If you look around, you will be able to see how passionate people out there are about music. Music offers a healing process and thus makes people fall in love with the art form. Tuning this passion into a career opportunity is a dream for so many! And fortunately, there are several opportunities to build yourself a music career. Yes, it is a difficult job, but it is possible with a good amount of effort.

The following are some of the job profiles in the field of music-

  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Programmer
  • Performing synthesist
  • Music sequencer
  • Sound designer

What is the Expected Salary?

On the basis of different kinds of jobs that one can get after pursuing music as a career, the salary might differ. Therefore, the job profile heavily influences the amount one earns in this industry. However, on average, a person in the music industry is likely to earn about 20000 to 40000 per month.


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