How to Battle Through Performance Anxiety

You must be feeling that speaking on the stage is not your cup of tea, you probably won’t ever sing or perform on the stage in front of audiences looking at you, and most of all you must be killing all your desires and passion just because of stage fright or performance anxieties. If you could relate to the above questions and find yourself sailing in that boat, then, this article is for you.

Performance anxiety is also known as stage fright, here performers fail to perform in front of the audience, they often get flue, dry mouth, sweating while standing on the stage. Here in this blog, we have covered some of the tips to follow to get rid of performance anxiety.

Stress and anxiety while performing often take place when you underestimate yourself and think you don’t deserve standing there. Accepting yourself and all your flaws is one of the best and initial ways to overcome perforce anxiety. Explain to yourself that it is okay to make mistakes and nobody is perfect. Afterwards, we would recommend redirecting the negative thoughts, beliefs, images and then try to perform on the stage.

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Overcome Performance Anxiety With These Solutions

Prepare Yourself Well Before Performing

This is one of the best ways to avoid anxieties and stress while performing. Preparing yourself well before the performance boosts self-esteem and confidence, which makes the candidate execute the enactment well even with a lot of audiences watching.

Practice, Practice and Practice!

Avoid Negative Thoughts and Try Connecting With the Audiences

Look at the friendliest faces of the audience more than the one who looks judgmental to you. Also, try to connect yourself with the audience and don’t take them as an audience or a stranger sitting and looking at you. Laugh at yourself and make a statement that the audience can relate to. Or if you are signing or playing a musical instrument, try to look easily approachable to the audience.

On the other hand, avoid those negative thoughts that make you awkward or allows you to feel unwanted on the stage.

Exercise and Eat Well Before Your Performance

Exercising helps you in staying fresh, it boosts the mood and enhances the level of positivity in the body. Take a march, jump, shake the muscles, perform simple physical activities or do whatsoever feels good to diminish the anxious feelings before the performance begins. The same applies to good food. Limit the intake of caffeine and sugar before a couple of days of the performance. Eat a healthy meal and low-fat diet.

Control Your Focus While Performing

Sometimes it happens that we make a minor mistake while performing and then ruin the entire show by pondering over the mistake. Don’t do that! Try to control your focus. Don’t think about the step that went wrong, think about the steps moving well.

If you feel more anxious, try imagining the audience are laughing and cheering, this will booth the energy. In short, try skipping the thoughts that produce self-doubts.


Performance anxiety is quite common and it is not happening just with you, although there are many other feelings same and keep criticizing themselves. However, overcoming these problems and have a good stage appearance is not a tough task and anyone can manage to overcome these performance anxiety issues.

Here in this blog, we have covered some of the important points that can help well in overcoming stress while performing. Prepare yourself well and have a healthy diet before going to the stage. Also, try to control your thoughts and try focusing on the positive sides of yourself. This will indeed help and eventually, you’ll realise gaining a strong stage presence wasn’t that tough.


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